Matt Gaetz: A Tragedy of Trumpean Proportions in Three Acts

Act One: He Doth Tweet It

Act Two: He defends Himself Poorly

““I was happy to do it for you. You just keep killing it,” Gaetz was reportedly heard telling Trump, according to Dovere.


Gaetz apologized to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and, apparently, to Cohen personally, for the tweets about Cohen’s alleged “girlfriends,” but the Florida Bar is currently looking into whether he violated an ethical code with his tweet.”


Act Three: He didn’t see Justice coming until it was too late

From cnn

Francine Andía Walker, the group’s director of communications, said the Florida Bar received a number of calls and emails regarding the tweet after it posted.According to disciplinary guidelines for the group, which is the organization of all lawyers licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state, the state bar’s lawyer regulation arm must determine that an allegation against a bar member “would constitute a violation of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar” before a probe is opened.

The lesson here is simple. Before you get involved with Trump, think of Chris Christie. That’s the best case outcome of doing business with Trump. Chris Christie is a joke and his political career is over but he isn’t in jail.

Becoming a punchline like Chris Christie is successful outcome.