Ann Coulter isn’t attacking Trump, she’s defending her brand.

The golden rule of wingnut welfare is always defend the brand and that brand is the magical True Conservatism that exists in the minds of Fox News viewers from sea to shining sofa. In their mind, that brand is Reagan shouting Merry Christmas from a pick up truck loaded with medium rare rib-eyes firing off 55 grain FMJ AR-15 rounds while triggered liberals cower at the display of a Real American being Really American.

That’s who Coulter is talking to. That’s the brand.

She knows that the wall is more divisive to Republicans than Democrats. She knows that Trump is in trouble. She knows he’s defending himself incompetently. And now she is setting up her exit from the Trump train. In a year or two she will proudly and confidently declare that Trump was never a True Conservative. That he was a Democrat all along. Conservatism can no fail, it can only be failed and Trump has failed it.

So while it’s tempting to think that Never Trumpers and No-Longer Trumpers have somehow seen the light and somehow get it, keep in mind that in the same way the’ll toss Trump under the bus to defend the brand, they’ll shiv you in a heartbeat to defend the brand.

So ignore her. Don’t give her the attention she wants. Focus your energy on the hundreds of liberal pundits that have been right about Trump from the moment he came down the escalator.

And when they attempt to reboot the brand like they did when Tea Party came around, don’t fall for it and point out this is just the same con artists playing the same con for the same wingnut welfare.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.