‘My whole town practically lived there’: From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years – The Washington Post

Over the years, dozens of workers from Costa Rica went north to fill jobs as groundskeepers, housekeepers and dishwashers at Bedminster, former employees said. The club hired others from El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala who spoke to The Post. Many ended up in the blue-collar borough of Bound Brook, N.J., piling into vans before dawn to head to the course each morning.
Their descriptions of Bedminster’s long reliance on illegal workers are bolstered by a newly obtained police report showing that the club’s head of security was told in 2011 about an employee suspected of using false identification papers — the first known documentation of a warning to the Trump Organization about the legal status of a worker.

Source: The Washington Post

Open borders Donny putting Costa Rica first.

What is fascinating about this article isn’t Trump’s lawless disregard of the immigration laws. Trump has always been lawless. What should be shocking is the disregard of his base. Trump’s base doesn’t care one bit that he was bringing illegals to “take their jobs” because his immigration policy has never been about jobs and had always been about otherness. As long as “those people” are kept in “their place”, it isn’t a problem for the base. It’s only when “those people” want to be treated like everyone else that it’s a problem.

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