They never thought it would effect their lives. So Foxlandia dismissed as a hoax. Now that it may effect them, they call it a crisis.

“Fox News personalities such as Sean Hannity and Laura In­graham accused the news media of whipping up “mass hysteria” and being “panic pushers.” Fox Business host Trish Regan called the alleged media-Democratic alliance “yet another attempt to impeach the president.”

But that was then.

With Trump’s declaration on Friday that the virus constitutes a national emergency, the tone on Fox News has quickly shifted.”

If you don’t understand why the GOP base was able to flip the script from hoax to crisis it is because you don’t one of the most basic truth about the right. Problems that do not effect them, do not exist. They never thought COVID-19 would effect their lives, so Foxlandia dismissed as a hoax. Now that it may effect them, they call it a crisis.


When investigators threatened his power, he declared himself dictator

“Mussolini undermined the institutions and culture of Italian democracy persistently and methodically. He denounced any negative press coverage of him as “abusive” and “criminal,” and demanded that the offending reporters and editors be fired. In Parliament he made offhand remarks about abolishing the constitution, creating a secret police and becoming a dictator. He dismissed officials who were insufficiently servile. He bullied Parliament into passage of an electoral law that guaranteed his coalition’s victory in the 1924 elections. And he stayed silent when Fascists beat up or killed opposition politicians.”

Every work of fiction that describes the US turning into a dictatorship starts like this. A populist is elected, bullies the press, consolidates power, uses the DOJ to attack his opponents and then turns the FBI into his secret police force.


Trump’s steel tariffs cost U.S. consumers $900,000 for every job created, experts say

“U.S. consumers and businesses are paying more than $900,000 a year for every job saved or created by Trump steel tariffs, according to calculations by experts at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The cost is more than 13 times the typical salary of a steelworker, according to Labor Department data, and it is similar to other economists’ estimates that Trump’s tariffs on washing machines are costing consumers $815,000 per job created.”

Remember Solyndra? While the government program that funded Solyndra turned a slight profit, Solyndra lost 528 million. Divide that by the 1100 Solyndra employees and you get 480,000 per job created or saved.  The Trump tariffs are nearly twice as expensive per job created as the most ungenerous metric of Solyndra.


‘My whole town practically lived there’: From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years – The Washington Post

Over the years, dozens of workers from Costa Rica went north to fill jobs as groundskeepers, housekeepers and dishwashers at Bedminster, former employees said. The club hired others from El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala who spoke to The Post. Many ended up in the blue-collar borough of Bound Brook, N.J., piling into vans before dawn to head to the course each morning.
Their descriptions of Bedminster’s long reliance on illegal workers are bolstered by a newly obtained police report showing that the club’s head of security was told in 2011 about an employee suspected of using false identification papers — the first known documentation of a warning to the Trump Organization about the legal status of a worker.

Source: The Washington Post

Open borders Donny putting Costa Rica first.

What is fascinating about this article isn’t Trump’s lawless disregard of the immigration laws. Trump has always been lawless. What should be shocking is the disregard of his base. Trump’s base doesn’t care one bit that he was bringing illegals to “take their jobs” because his immigration policy has never been about jobs and had always been about otherness. As long as “those people” are kept in “their place”, it isn’t a problem for the base. It’s only when “those people” want to be treated like everyone else that it’s a problem.

Sorry, Republicans. You can’t call out Northam for racism and give Trump a pass.

They don’t actually care about what the governor did. This is an opportunity to score points and accuse liberals of hypocrisy. That’s the only reason why the right is interested in this story.

“But while Democrats, and decent people everywhere, have a right to demand that Northam step down, Republicans who continue to support a party dominated by Trump can’t be taken seriously on this point.”


There is only one way to break Trump’s pathology. Pelosi has found it. – The Washington Post

Trump’s presidency and the Republican Party require Foxlandia for their existence.

this requires Trump to venture outside of what I have called “Foxlandia,” the place where Trump always possesses all the leverage; where any and all polls showing him cratering are fake news; and a glorious victory, entirely on Trump’s own terms, is always lurking in the next news cycle. As Simon Rosenberg notes, no real compromise can happen until Trump leaves Foxlandia behind and enters the new Washington.

Source: There is only one way to break Trump’s pathology. Pelosi has found it. – The Washington Post

New estimate: GOP’s second tax cuts would add $3.8 trillion to deficit

A second round of Republican tax cuts would add an additional $3.2 trillion to the federal deficit over a decade, according to a new report released by a centrist think-tank. The package was taken up by a House committee on Thursday and is expected to head to a vote on the floor later this month.

via New estimate: GOP’s second tax cuts would add $3.8 trillion to deficit

This is burning down the country to collect the insurance money.

Under Trump, everything gets trashed and degraded

as we’ve learned in so many areas, there are rules and there are norms, and violating norms is possible if you decide you don’t care about them. “The judiciary is not supposed to be involved in choosing the judiciary,” says Hauser. “Sometimes we don’t have rules to prevent the most obvious misconduct because it’s just considered to be beyond the pale. But in 2018, we need to codify every single thing that is beyond the pale.”

via Under Trump, everything gets trashed and degraded

This is a must read.