Rawls on Wall Street

to move forward and make a difference, Occupy Wall Street needs specific goals backed by a more coherent, more inspiring vision for American democracy.  To their credit, protestors have recently begun debating which specific demands the movement should make, but their conversations appear to be unguided by any deeper wisdom.  A perfect intellectual touchstone would be the work of John Rawls, the American political philosopher who was one of the 20th century’s most influential theorists of equality. Rawls named his theory “justice as fairness,” and emphasized in his later writings that its premises are rooted in the history and aspirations of American constitutionalism.  So it’s a home-grown theory that is ripe for the picking.

From Rawls on Wall Street

Worth a read. I’d love it if the crowd at OWS was more Rawls and less Chomsky. Or at the very least was more focused on policy than complaints.

By Stable Genius

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