Administration Announces Plan for Nationwide High Speed Rail

Firing the first shot across the budget bow, Vice President Biden announced plans for a high-speed rail network across the United States by 2036, as promised in his State of the Union address. 

From Crooks and Liars

If you look at the map that comes along with the description of the plan, you can see exactly what’s wrong with it. It’s 7 High speed regional networks covering populous well-traveled routes with long low-speed connections between them. My guess is that there will be political fights for money that fall in favor of the low-travel low-use slow-train networks to gain the support of those senators. If our system wasn’t so broken, someone could suggest we should be looking at roads, rails and airports as part of a national infrastructure policy that favors that which works best at the local level being what the federal government considers.  Those red high speed networks could terminate at regional airports and bus terminals to cover the large rural areas with appropriate money spent on highways rather than rails.

Does Kansas really need more rail travel options?

By Stable Genius

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