Subway Says Your Sandwich Is “Cheating”

Chet and his wife routinely split Subway footlongs. Chet is more partial to roast beef. His wife is more partial to turkey. So when they ordered a Subway Club recently, they asked for all the roast beef to be put on one side, turkey on the other, ham evenly distributed across, and it cut in half.

Passing the sandwich to the clerk for tallying up the transaction, the artist made a point of noting that it was an “illegitimate” sandwich.

On Subway’s website it says:

Can I customize my sandwich?

Yes! At SUBWAY®, every sandwich is fresh and made to order – just for you! In fact, there are over 2 million sandwich varieties available from our menu choices, so you can have your SUBWAY® sandwich with any combination of ingredients we offer.Apparently rearranging the ingredients is the impossible 2 million and first sandwich variety and cannot be accommodated.

From Subway Says Your Sandwich Is “Cheating”

I really like this idea.

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