They Were Making Things Up

FBI Agent Who Consulted On Path to 9/11 Quit Halfway Through Because ‘They Were Making Things Up’

James Bamford, an author and journalist who has written about security issues, appeared on MSNBC to discuss “The Path to 9/11.” Bamford revealed that an FBI agent who worked as a consultant to the film quit halfway through production of the mini-series because he believed the writers and producers were “making things up.” Watch it:

From thinkprogress

I’m really torn about this. While I defend the right to make this movie, I really don’t think that a ABC should run it without disclaimer. This isn’t being presented as fiction, despite having fictional scenes. This is truthiness at its worst. Blending facts and fiction in an cynical attempt to re-write history. And if you’re going to do this, why not go all out and add all the BS you need to promote all the GOPer talking points. As an example, they could add the following:

  • Saddam and Osama watching the 9/11 attack on TV together and giving each other a high-five as the planes hit
  • Bill and Hillary having a coke fueled three-some with a 9/11 hijacker
  • W personally leading an assault that captures Osama just before Osama and Kerry launch a follow up attack by legalizing gay marriage.

Just a thought.

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