An Inconvenient Truth

I saw An Inconvenient Truth over the last weekend. I liked it. Mr. Gore does a great job at providing a layman’s review on Global Warming. With that said, he does a bunch of things that drove me absolutely nuts.

First off, why were so many of those charts not to scale? I realize that’s something that only people like me care about, but if you don’t want to be dismissed as an alarmist, you need to remove anything that might be viewed as biased. Second, he doesn’t come close to adequately explaining the time table for the damage. One could get the impression that a 20 foot wall of water will hit the Florida coast any day now. That is hardly likely.
Lastly, while the background and biographical segments were a really nice break from the lecture-format; please stop pretending that those segments aren’t meant to be a campaign video.

Head over to metacritic here more reviews. And yes, the right wing is already on attack. Those are worth watching too.

For what its worth, at this point we have to start looking at people who dismiss Global Warming the same what we might look at someone who dismisses evolution as just a theory. Or perhaps we should view them like we view people who voice the various Ocean’s 9/11 style conspiracy theories that can be readily debunked. To suggest that hundreds of climate scientists, from all over the world; are all falsifying evidence and passing on bogus theories to some unknown end is just plain nutty. Can anyone name a single thing they have to gain from this alleged conspiracy? These people would have use believe that only people we can trust just happen to work for Exxon Mobil. Pure coincidence I’m sure.

The next question that comes to mind, is Gore tan, rested and ready?

By Stable Genius

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