Why Colbert matters

What Colbert did to the president and the press corps is news: He didn’t shoot anybody Saturday night at the Hinckley Hilton, but he laid them out in just about every other way imaginable. It was as an “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment played out with George W. Bush and his court forced to watch, and you ought to have seen it and talked about it and read reporting and analysis on it by now.

From War Room – Salon.com

The video is here and the followup is here

Colbert’s deconstruction of the GOPer pundit is awe inspiring. From his fixation on bears to his ironic support for the president down to the way he brilliantly inverts the meaning of his guests comments shows an understanding of political spin and the way the media is played that would normally be reserved for the driest of news analysis shows like PBS’s The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. But Colbert makes it approachable.

By Stable Genius

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