the Neo-Con two step

The only thing better than watching Neo-Con Francis Fukuyama flip, is watching other Neo-Cons like Christopher Hitchens attack them for it.You can always count on Hitchens to be infuriatingly delightful. But this time he is way off. The Neo-Con failure is breaking them up into three camps.

  • Neo-Cons like Fukuyama that now think the war was a bad idea and that Neo-Conservationism is failing.
  • Neo-Cons that still think the was was a good idea, and blame the problems either on Bush, Rumsfeld or The Liberal Media. Case in point, William Kristol of the Weekly Standard
  • Neo-Cons that think everything is going well and the media is mis-reporting it

Right now it looks like the real conservatives like William F. Buckley agree with the reality that the War in Iraq is lost. A position they declared defeatism just a few months ago. Not to mention this Zogby pool
U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006. So the only people left supporting the war are a dwindling number of GOPers with Fox News colored glasses.

By Stable Genius

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