Al-Qaida Is Losing says Hitchens

The conditions for this latest truce are of course impossible as well. All one needs, in order to earn Bin Laden’s mercy, is to give up Afghanistan and Iraq. But this raises a more intriguing question. Why are formerly triumphalist jihadists using the language of “truce” at all? Not very long ago, God was claimed to be on their side and victory certain.


While Mr. Hitchens makes a number of really good points, I have two retorts. First, just because things may be going bad for the jihadists; that doesn’t mean things are going well for us. Secondly, considering point one; there is no reason why things going poorly for either the US and/or the jihadists couldn’t translate into things going very well for Iran or Hammas. And that would be also be bad for us.

By Stable Genius

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