Justice Thomas will not recuse himself and everyone should explain why

Many social-media users expressed concern about Justice Thomas’ potential involvement in the case, and some called for him to recuse himself from the matter.

Source: Clarence Thomas Faces Calls to Recuse Himself from Trump Mar-a-Lago Case

Those well written op-eds about how someone must do something are for a time when normal politics prevails. That is not the situation we are in now.

What is needed is to remind everyone of these points:

  1. The Federalist Society built a system to control the judiciary so that it may function in the interests of it funders. This is well documented by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse‘s 2019 Speech as well as his youtube series The Scheme

    Then there is the third Federalist Society. This one doesn’t have much in common with the law school debating society, and it certainly doesn’t operate like your run-of-the-mill Washington think tank. This Federalist Society is the nerve center for a complicated apparatus that does not care much about conservative principles like judicial restraint, or originalism, or textualism. This Federalist Society is the vehicle for powerful interests, which seek not to simply “reorder” the judiciary, but to acquire control of the judiciary to benefit their interests. This third Federalist Society understands the fundamental power of the federal judiciary to rig the system in favor of its donor interests?—?and as the Kavanaugh confirmation so clearly illustrated, it is willing to go to drastic lengths to secure that power

  2. Justice Thomas is accountable to no one. The GOP will not vote to remove him from office. Justice Thomas will not recuse himself in conflicts of interest let alone resign. He doesn’t have to and no one can make him.
  3. The Federalist to lifetime appointment pipeline exists to short circuit the will of the voters and is in operation now and actions of Justice Thomas are a feature and not a bug of The Scheme.
  4. Unless the Dems hold the Whitehouse and Senate, his seat will go to a member of the Federalist society.

The time and effort devoted to explaining why Justice Thomas must recuse himself or resign or all that is unprecedented about Ginni Thomas’ activism is wasted effort.

None of this is new, I’ve written about it before and said almost the exact same thing. And here we are, still acting like these calls to recuse himself matter in the slightest bit.

Vote for Democrats that we get rid of the filibuster. Vote for democrats that will fight to expand and reform the court. And vote for donor transparency to shed light on the federalist and its funding.

And for the love of God-please stop saying Trump Appointed Judge when the correct term is Federalist Society Member. Thomas will act like every other Federalist Society Member and there is simply no difference between Trump Judges and Federalist Society Members.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.