Elon Musk is building his own safe space.

I think people on both the left and right are getting Elon’s Twitter purchase wrong. If you ignore what Elon is saying and focus on how Elon actually acts on Twitter-it’s pretty clear that what he wants is a Twitter where people with Blue Checks are free to say any crap they want; as long as it is legal without facing any repercussions from Twitter. That is the glue that holds his love for free speech to his fondness of blocking people who criticize him.

Under Musk expect to see a Twitter this is way more hostile to people without Blue Checks. And a Twitter that builds more tools for Blue Checks to block, shadow ban and report people who have the audacity to speak to people like him. Expect to see a Twitter become a safe space for Blue Checks. It wouldn’t surprise me if they added a way for normal people to pay their way into a lesser tier Blue Check club by verifying their identity to Twitter with government ID.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.