Devil’s Advocate Total Lawn Care

The defining feature of the Faustian Bargain is that the devil gives you what you ask for and you are worse off for it. The defining feature of doing business with Trump is that every single person who makes a deal with Trump get access to the MAGAverse and is worse off for it.

Rudy had his law license suspended.

The Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit that is still going on.

Chris Christie calls Rudy a National Embarrassment. Every GOP member in DC should keep picture of Chris Christie on their phone as reminder of what the best case scenario is when you work with Trump. You become a national joke who can’t sell a book even with an absolutely unearned media blitz.

Remember Sidney Powell? And her Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit. The one where se had to admit no reasonable person would believe her. She gained a national profile defending Trump. So how does Trump return the favor?

And now, this: Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states.

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