GOP has handed Democrats a pair of wedge issues to use against them.

One of the reasons why I am so happy to see the GOP fighting over the wall is that the wall is a bigly divisive issue; but it’s only bigly divisive on the right. There is a chunk of the GOP base that loves the idea of a wall and there are National Review reading, free trade loving country club Republicans that hate the idea of burning a big pile of their tax dollars on a useless pile of concrete that creates real problems while solving only imaginary ones. Almost 1/4 of republicans oppose the wall, while only 13% of democrats support a wall. (From PEW)

The wall divides the GOP while it unites the Dems. It’s a wedge issue, but the sharp part of the wedge is pointed toward the GOP and away from the Dems.

The same goes for DACA. There are strong majorities in support for giving dreamers a path to citizenship in the general population, nearly 3/4 according to the same PEW poll are in favor. While 92% of Democrats support DACA, there is a 50/40 split among Republicans.

This is why narcissists rarely make good leaders. Trump is so fixated on what his base and his favored pundits think of him that he is unable to see how much he is alienating potential 2020 GOP voters.

The GOP has just handed the Democrats a pair of wedge issues to use against them. Pick them up and use them. Make the next two years about the Wall and DACA. Make this all about Trump’s fixation on a wall. Let large numbers of GOP voters get frustrated over the lack of action on anything because of the fixation on the wall.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.