Stop Being Trump’s Twitter Fool – POLITICO Magazine

Haven’t any of these people raised children? Don’t they know about bait and switch? Have none of them been paying attention to Trump’s Twitter strategy for the past 17 months? For anybody who has read a half-dozen of Trump’s tweets, the pattern is obvious. He compiles these tweets precisely in order to elicit strident protest. It doesn’t matter to Trump that the cast of Hamilton was polite and respectful to Pence. It doesn’t matter that being rude to officeholders is an inalienable right—hell, a responsibility!—of all Americans. To Trump’s followers the content of any one of his rebukes matters less than whom it’s directed at—New York liberals and their fellow travelers in this instance. He could have tweeted something equally belligerent about the “unfair” treatment his daughter Ivanka is receiving in the press for having attended his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and he would have earned the same satisfying comeback from his foes.

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