Exciting new talking point: Jobs bill is “blue state bailout” – War Room – Salon.com

The Wall Street Journal today has a column by Hoover Institution fellow Paul E. Peterson reframing the concept of aid to cash-strapped states as a “blue-state bailout,” because “bailouts” are unpopular and it is more fun to imagine that Obama is rewarding his “most fervent supporters” with free money than it is to think that the president just wants to help big states avoid massive layoffs.

It is sort of brilliant. Just imagine how thrilled the memo-writers at Fox News must be to have this talking point. “Blue-state bailout.” “Federal money for healthcare and education” versus “blue-state bailout.” Which one makes you madder?

From War Room – Salon.com

This is the difference between the GOP and the Democrats. No one on the left has ever suggested calling oil and gas subsidies as an oil industry bailout. Nor has anyone considered calling the ban on price negotiations for medicare part D as a phama-bailout. Or the 15% tax rate for hedge-funds as a speculator bailout. Likewise, Obama calls medicare and social security entitlements rather than earned benefits. The Dems are awful at branding.

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