Yes, the Kochs fund groups out of self-interest

I think it’s hard to argue with the basic premise that the Kochs fund organizations that advocate allowing Koch Industries to continue emitting carbon without limits. Those organizations employ various people who employ various arguments – outright denial of climate science, the cost-benefit argument that the cost of limiting emissions exceeds the supposed future “cost” of climate change, the argument that the EPA suxxxxx and government can’t do anything right ever – that all fall under the “libertarian” umbrella, but the point is that they’re all compelling arguments that we shouldn’t make it more difficult for Koch Industries to do whatever it wants to do. (And Koch is on the record saying he would “withdraw funding” from an organization that starts “doing things we don’t agree with,” which is a very straightforward statement of intent!)

From War Room –

This demonstrates the basic problem with libertarian lobbying. Those powerful enough to demand deregulation are also powerful enough to loot the commons and demand government protection as they do it. After all, the same people who pushed for banking deregulation then turned around and demanded a bailout. 

By Stable Genius

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