Goat standard, not gold standard

in remote Korawan, … have come up with a novel bank which exclusively deals with goats – accepting the animal as savings and lending it out as loans.
“Prema and her friends hailing from Afrozi village have establish a bank which deals exclusively in goats,” development block coordinator Subedar Singh told PTI.


 "We provide goats to women having interest in taking up breeding as a full-time activity as loan. When a goat gives birth to kids, generally two to three in numbers, one of them is deposited with the bank again,“ Prema explained.

The link is here, the point is from Paul Hsieh and Jeffrey Williams should be happy.  The locale is in India.

From Allahabad embraces goat standard.

Town decides to stop using fiat currency and embrace the goat standard. Livestock has been used for trade in free societies for years. Glade to see them go back to sound money: The Goat Standard. And unlike gold, goats generate new goats.

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