if irony could kill

Last week I overheard someone on the Subway talking about music with someone I assume was a friend. This guy was wearing a Ramones shirt. The one with the the names of the band members wrapped around what looks like the Seal of the United States.

Some the guy wearing the Ramones shirt is complaining about Rap/Rock fusion bands stating that those bands can’t play their instruments that they can’t sing and that their acts are all attitude.

If irony could kill, this man would have been struck dead where he slouched; ipodded and fully hipster accessorized. You could accuse the Ramones of many things. But you can hardly accuse them of waiting to learn how to play before they started their musical career. I imagine that if you asked them what Juilliard was, they would guess that had something to do with cutting carrots.

By Stable Genius

I am the very model of a Stable Genius Liberal.