The Voter ID argument is backwards

I keep seeing Republicans post lists all the things that you need to show an ID to do and then argue that asking for an ID to vote is perfectly acceptable. I’m tired of playing defense on this. I don’t want to argue to stop them from making it harder to vote, I want to argue for ways to make it easier to vote and have them try to stop it.

You showed ID? You should be registered to vote automatically. If you need ID to buy a house/rent an apartment/apply for licenses/apply for unemployment/register for college/etc, then at that very moment when you established your identity and showed that you eligible to vote, you should be registered to vote or your voting information should be updated.

Have them argue against it.

New Hampshire Law Illegally Targets Young Voters Ahead of 2020 Primary

The GOP doesn’t want Democrats to vote and they are willing to lie cheat and steal to keep minority rule.

“By requiring people to pay up to hundreds of dollars in vehicle registration fees if they register to vote, the law unconstitutionally restricts voting rights and, in particular, targets New Hampshire’s students and young people to dissuade them for voting”


The ACLU is correct that this is a poll tax. New Hampshire is perfectly ok to take student’s money but they want to make sure those kids don’t vote in the state where they live. They are more than OK with anything that will prevent access to voting for people to challenge their illegitimate hold on power.

To Fight Democrats’ First Bill, GOP Calls in Discredited Advocates of Voter Suppression

This is a long game tactic and worth the time and effort in pushing it.

Everything that the democrats do to make it easier to vote will work to prevent the GOP from stacking the deck. Automatic voter registration. Election day as a holiday. Early voting, upgraded voting stations, mandating the the number of polling places to minimize the wait times. All of these help people vote.

The goal should be to make it impossible for red state Republicans to nullify voting at the local level.

The counter narrative to the GOP push back should be to cast the GOP as being on the side of government bureaucrats rather than demanding that government make it easier for people to vote not make it easier for bureaucrats to justify their jobs.

“Von Spakovsky and Adams were key members of President Donald Trump’s controversial election integrity commission, which shut down after failing to find evidence of widespread voter fraud. For more than a decade, they have led an aggressive push to make it harder to vote and have spread false claims about fraud. Their credibility has also been called into question recently by federal courts.”