Newt is a Theodore Roosevelt Republican?

I don’t know of anybody who argues for unregulated free enterprise. I’m a Theodore Roosevelt Republican. I like the fact that the government requires that I have clean water to drink no matter what restaurant I walk into anywhere in America.

From Salon

I’m feeling charitably; so I’m not going to pick-nits. As much as I might disagree with Newt, the guy is brilliant. This article is well worth the read.

The successful Iraq

Interestingly, many of the same issues that have dogged the current American campaign in Iraq dogged American efforts in the Philippines. These include the inability to recognize that the war was not over simply because we thought it should be over, the difficulty in adjusting to a new kind of war, the constant interaction of domestic politics and military affairs, and the divided command structure in the Philippines. And yet, the United States in the Philippines won not only the conventional war but the insurgency. Why?

From The successful Iraq. – By David Silbey – Slate Magazine

An interesting discussion of the US experience in the Philippines and how it compares to Iraq. In short, Mr. Silbey argues that the Roosevelt administration understood the difference between political and military goals early on; in contrast to the debacle in Iraq.