Jerry Falwell, faith-based fraud

Try this: Call a TV station and tell them that you know the Antichrist is already on earth and is an adult Jewish male. See how far you get. Then try the same thing and add that you are the Rev. Jim-Bob Vermin. “Why, Reverend, come right on the show!” What a fool Don Imus was. If he had paid the paltry few bucks to make himself a certified clergyman, he could be jeering and sneering to the present hour.

Jerry Falwell, faith-based fraud. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

Must read article. It seems that the further away Hitch stays from discussions of GWOT and Iraq, the less of an idiot he sounds.

Christianism Watch

Check out “Jesus Camp,” a place where children are taught to venerate the Great Leader, George W. Bush, to speak in tongues, and adhere to the rigid politics of Christianism.

From Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish: Christianism Watch

Jesus Camp. What really bothers me about this that it appears to have nothing to do with Christian Theology and everything to do with Christian Identity. I imagine that a Jesus Camp would be where the kids learn about doing good works and the joy of leading virtous lives; not a place that teaches kids to be Warriors for God. Jesus Camp looks more like this than that.

Tensions High in Somalia as Thousands Protest

Tensions were high in Somalia’s capital today as the Islamic militants who seized control of Mogadishu the day before vowed to set up a religious state, but thousands of people allied with the one of the country’s largest clans held a rally to protest that move.

New York Times

Bad news in the Global War on Terror as Somalia falls to Islamic militants who want to set up an Theocracy. And yes, this is where Black Hawk Down happened.