N.R.A. Magazine Draws Criticism for ‘Target Practice’ Headline With Photo of Pelosi and Giffords

“The photo, taken last month at an announcement about proposed legislation to expand background checks for firearms purchases, carried the headline in large letters: “Target Practice.””

They are about killing people, not defending the Constitution. They want guns to go after liberals and kill them. They keep telling us that. Stop taking them at their word when they claim they want guns for defending themselves from the state. They want those guns to short-circuit the constitution when they personally disagree with a law, a party or a legitimately elected representative.

From: nytimes.com

The Real Origins of the Religious Right

Worth reading ever word from top to bottom. There has been too much revisionist history from the religious right.

“it wasn’t until 1979—a full six years after Roe—that evangelical leaders, at the behest of conservative activist Paul Weyrich, seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but as a rallying-cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term. Why? Because the anti-abortion crusade was more palatable than the religious right’s real motive: protecting segregated schools.”

From: politico.com