Poll Shows Negative View of Tea Party on the Rise

The percentage of people with an unfavorable view of the Tea Party in a New York Times/CBS News Poll this week was higher than it has been since the first time the question was asked, in April 2010. Forty percent of those polled this week characterized their view as “not favorable,” compared with 18 percent in the first poll.

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Maybe they can improve their image with another even larger intransigent stance thats blocks congress from accomplishing a basic task.

Adventures in tea-party cognitive dissonance

If we decided to build a couple of new carriers, thousands of workers would be hired for the shipyards.  Thousands of employees would be hired for the steel mills that would provide the steel for the hull and various sub contractors would hire thousands.  Do you know what that means?

It means they would receive paychecks and go out and spend that money.  That would help a recovery.  That is a shovel ready project!

Increasing spending for the military does a couple of things.  It not only not only stimulates the economy, it protects our nation.  That is a better investment than say spending money on teaching Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly.

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Tea party party discovers Keynes, remains clueless.

The Party’s Over?

A listing of events on the umbrella group Trea Party Patriots’ website for Monday and Friday showed a total of 145 events — the same listing shows 638 events on tax day 2010.

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Can we stop pretending the Tea Party movement is something other than the republican base with funny hats?

Shocker: Tea Party Congress members take tons of farm subsidies

Shocker: Anti-government activists are all welfare queens! But they accept the “wealthy white person” version of welfare, which is “farm subsidies.” (The “wealthy white person” version of welfare is also lots of other subsidies and tax credits and government spending.)

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Anyone surprised? Aparently taking money from 21st century economies in the Blue States and handing them to 18th century economies in the Red States doesn’t count as big government socialist wealth redistribution.

The Tea Party Goes To War

If the Tea Party can support military action where there isn’t even a smidgen of national interest involved, they are neocons in libertarian clothing. Just as one suspects they are Christianists in fiscal clothing. They are the hard right of the GOP.

From The Tea Party Goes To War

Sounds about right.