Goat standard, not gold standard

in remote Korawan, … have come up with a novel bank which exclusively deals with goats – accepting the animal as savings and lending it out as loans.
“Prema and her friends hailing from Afrozi village have establish a bank which deals exclusively in goats,” development block coordinator Subedar Singh told PTI.


 "We provide goats to women having interest in taking up breeding as a full-time activity as loan. When a goat gives birth to kids, generally two to three in numbers, one of them is deposited with the bank again,“ Prema explained.

The link is here, the point is from Paul Hsieh and Jeffrey Williams should be happy.  The locale is in India.

From Allahabad embraces goat standard.

Town decides to stop using fiat currency and embrace the goat standard. Livestock has been used for trade in free societies for years. Glade to see them go back to sound money: The Goat Standard. And unlike gold, goats generate new goats.

DST is a hoax.

Adjusting our clocks has no effect on the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth.

Chris Kelly: Why You Don’t Care About JournoList

The problem with the JournoList scandal is the problem with a lot of right wing news: It’s not happening on Earth I, where you and I live. Like the Black Panthers taking over the Justice Department, or Shirley Sherrod’s night raids on Andrew Breitbart’s small family farm or Glenn Beck’s lonely one-man struggle against the Tides Foundation, it exists in a parallel universe that only superficially resembles our own.

A universe where straight, rich white men are the only victims of anything, ever, and shrieking like an infant is their only defense; where Christianity and capitalism are in constant peril, where black lesbians and the very, very poor run everything and Iran has the Bomb and we don’t.

From Chris Kelly: Why You Don’t Care About JournoList

He forgot Soros. George Soros secretly controls everything.

Time to change to oil

That oil has been in the gulf for 90 days now. Guess it’s time to drain all the oil out and replace it with fresh oil.

My Country, Tis of Me

What is most irksome about the Tea Party Patriots is their expropriation of the word patriot, with the implication that if you disagree with them, you’re not a patriot, or at least you’re less patriotic than they are. Without getting all ask-notty about it, I think a movement labeling itself patriotic should have some obligation to demonstrate patriotism in a way other than demanding a tax cut.

From My Country, Tis of Me – Magazine – The Atlantic

Samuel Johnson said it best. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. The Tea party seems to be made up of people conflating their personal self-interest with the interests to the nation.

Our socialist post office

With all the talk about a government take over of health care turning it into the post office, I started to wonder what it would be like if the socialist post office was like private health care companies?

Each post office branch would use a totally different zip code system. They would charge different amounts to deliver to certain zip codes and refuse delivery to some zip codes. They would also make this information nearly impossible for people to look up. It would also change every six months.

In each zip code there would be independent letter handlers that would have agreements with some post office branches but not all. They would also make the bulk of their money via letter handling fees that would change depending on what branch the letter originated and the path they took to your home.

Two weeks after a letter was mailed, you’d get a bill telling you how much you owe to the post office, the letter carrier, the stamp processor and how much of that bill will be paid by your mail insurance. They would also send numerous things that look like bills but aren’t.

The post office would make more money refusing to deliver your mail than carrying it. Every year they would refuse more mail and deliver to a smaller section of people. The post master general would receive a larger bonus because of it.

A large section of the population would have no mail service. Any attempt to provide them with access to a public mail service or subsidized private mail service would be dismissed as socialism.

Elderly and retired people would have excellent, low cost access to the private mail system managed by the government. Any attempt to provide everyone with that same access will be viewed as an attempt to kill old people.

Anyone who points out that most other industrial nations have systems where everyone has postal service at a much lower cost will be compared to Hitler. After all, Hitler had his face on stamps.