Hitchens: Does the Texas governor believe his idiotic God talk, or is he just pandering for votes?

Perry did not, of course, suffer politically for making an idiot of himself in this way. Not even the true believers really expect that prayers for precipitation will be answered, or believe that a failed rainmaker is a false prophet. And, had Perry’s entreaties actually been followed by a moistening of the clouds and the […]

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Krugman: Republicans Against Science

Mr. Perry suggests; those scientists are just in it for the money, “manipulating data” to create a fake threat. In his book “Fed Up,” he dismissed climate science as a “contrived phony mess that is falling apart.” I could point out that Mr. Perry is buying into a truly crazy conspiracy theory, which asserts that […]

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Gov. Rick Perry’s Cash Machine

The exchange of campaign contributions for government contracts, favors or positions is all too common in Washington and around the country. It has been developed to an especially high art — or more to the point, a low art — by Gov. Rick Perry in Texas. From NYTimes The Texas Taliban loves crony capitalism.