Pirate Democracy?   – Why Nations Fail

Pirate Democracy?   – Why Nations Fail

Blackwater vs. Blackbeard

Blackwater is now receiving inquiries from dozens of new clients, mainly shipping companies and shipping insurance companies. All of them want the same thing: for Blackwater mercenaries to guide their freighters and tankers safely past Somalia, through the world’s most dangerous waters, the hunting grounds of bands of pirates armed with Kalashnikovs and grenade launchers, attacking anything that comes into their sights.

From Salon.com News | Blackwater vs. Blackbeard off the coast of Africa

Corporate mercenaries fighting peasant pirates in international waters. What could possibly go wrong? My prediction is that in the next couple of years, we will hear about Blackwater mercenaries behaving like pirates off the coast of Somalia. They will be accused of shooting at and conducting raids on fishing boats and other small vessels they suspect of being pirates.

Why is Washington exaggerating the pirate threat?

Despite their impressive exploits of late—seizing oil platforms off the coast of Nigeria and, memorably, firing rockets at a cruise ship off Somalia—modern maritime pirates have been robbed of the mystique that once made them stars of the criminal underworld. A steady increase over the last decade in the number of thefts, hijackings, and killings at sea, along with a disingenuous PR campaign led by the United States, have put pirates in company with al-Qaida. It’s a bum rap.

Slate Magazine

GWOP. The Global War on Pirates. Argh. I guess Pirates are the new Mobsters much how Belly dancing is the new Yoga and smart phones are the new iPods.