Congratulations to the Italian, Greek and Spanish Olympic teams for making it this far without having to sell their medals for extra cash.

Nine foot tall, seven armed North Korean Olympic athlete denies genetic manipulation charges.

Congratulations to the Hobbits of the Shire for winning a Mythril medal in something olympic related.

Next up, the olympic karaoke competition.

Next up, olympic jazzersize followed by the Billy Blanks Tae Bo competition.

China wants hotels to filter Internet

The Chinese government is demanding that US-owned hotels there filter Internet service during the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, US Senator Sam Brownback has alleged.

Computerworld – US senator: China wants hotels to filter Internet

Once again reality beats the Onion to the absurdist headline. Keep in mind that US companies like Yahoo, Google, Cisco, Time Warner and Microsoft have all worked with China to implement, maintain and extend Chinese censorship of the internet. Its not too much of a stretch to see Hotel companies cooperate.