China’s Politburo Ordered Hack of Google

The Chinese government, which has been thought for some time to have been the source of the hacking of Google’s servers, leading to Google’s departure from China, directed attacks on the company’s web servers, according to diplomatic cables disclosed today by WikiLeaks.

From Andy Plesser: China’s Politburo Ordered Hack of Google, WikiLeaks Reveals

Is this an act of war? Can a country launch an attack on a non-state entity without is being an act of war?

Anis Shivani: Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ Is A Terrifying Journey Into the Authoritarian Mind

The beauty of the Bush philosophy of governance is that it creates and accelerates those very conditions of stress (radical economic inequality promoted by tax cuts for the wealthy and concomitant cuts in public services for the less well-off) that then provide fertile ground for popular acceptance of measures intended to further worsen conditions for the subject class. An example would be to purposely inflate the housing bubble and then use the succeeding bailout to further enrich the wealthy elites at the cost of the average worker. Or to execute a reckless Medicare drug expansion plan, catering to pharmaceutical companies and knowing it would lead to insolvency, to set the stage for drastic future cuts in Medicare – and other entitlements, while they’re at it. The same principle applies in foreign policy, such as in retreating from Bill Clinton’s tentative rapprochement with Iran and North Korea as Bush’s first order of business, demonizing these countries as evil, and then setting in motion offensive strategies once those countries predictably react. The principle is evident in attacking and occupying Middle Eastern countries, then justifying the war on terror by pointing to the increased radicalization ensuing from the invasion.

From Anis Shivani: Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ Is A Terrifying Journey Into the Authoritarian Mind

I’m very skeptical of this as it fits the mold of crack-pot conspiracy theory; but, I can’t say that there isn’t a good point in there somewhere. It’s much more likely that W didn’t fully think out the consequences of his actions, sure that his ideology was correct and things would work out in ways consistent with his beliefs.

Chris Kelly: Why You Don’t Care About JournoList

The problem with the JournoList scandal is the problem with a lot of right wing news: It’s not happening on Earth I, where you and I live. Like the Black Panthers taking over the Justice Department, or Shirley Sherrod’s night raids on Andrew Breitbart’s small family farm or Glenn Beck’s lonely one-man struggle against the Tides Foundation, it exists in a parallel universe that only superficially resembles our own.

A universe where straight, rich white men are the only victims of anything, ever, and shrieking like an infant is their only defense; where Christianity and capitalism are in constant peril, where black lesbians and the very, very poor run everything and Iran has the Bomb and we don’t.

From Chris Kelly: Why You Don’t Care About JournoList

He forgot Soros. George Soros secretly controls everything.