Van Jones Calls End Of Glenn Beck’s Fox Show A ‘Triumph Of American Capitalism’

As Beck leaves Fox under fire from his bosses at the network and upset sponsors, Jones praised the free market system for ridding the airwaves of Beck.

“Good American businesses make a decision about who they want to associate their brands with,” he said. “And if you violate the principles of good discourse and fair play in America, good American businesses will not stay with you and you won’t stay in the public square very long.

"So it’s not just a triumph of American capitalism,” Jones said. “It’s a triumph of American values.”

From Van Jones Calls End Of Glenn Beck’s Fox Show A ‘Triumph Of American Capitalism’ | TPMDC

Is it safe to announce that this is the end of Beck’s 15 minutes?

Glenn Beck versus James O’Keefe

Increasingly unpopular television clown and radio revivalist Glenn Beck confused folks on the left and right recently when his “news” website The Blaze published a thorough and fair debunking of the recent NPR “sting” video produced by youthful video prankster and unprincipled conservative smear artist James O’Keefe.

From Glenn Beck versus James O’Keefe

It’s like watching Alien versus Predator if the Alien was really dishonest and slimy. And the Predator was also really dishonest and slimy.

Why does Glenn Beck insist on getting Niemoller’s famous poem wrong?

Glenn Beck has a history of appropriating Martin Niemoller’s famous poem, “First They Came…” – one of the most memorable descriptions of the creep of Nazi totalitarianism – for his own purposes, often by way of describing his own self-martyrdom, because of course it’s really about people like him.

From Crooks and Liars

The simple answer is that he really probably doesn’t know the full quote and can’t be bothered to look it up. He knows it has something to do with Jews and then the Nazi coming for the someone. And nothing else.

Glenn Beck’s five-point plan for world domination

In Tuesday’s first installment of his series on George Soros’ supposed quest for world domination, Glenn Beck accused the billionaire of – among many, many other things – following a five-point “formula” to gain control of the United States. 


Emma Mustich points out that all of the points used to demonstrate a Soros conspiracy can also be applied to Beck and Fox. 

South Park Mocks Glenn Beck

Cartman is chosen to read the morning announcements at South Park Elementary, but he turns the forum into a bully pulpit to unleash criticism of the student-body president.

South Park Mocks Glenn Beck | Video Cafe

Almost as funny as the Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990? Not that I think Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, I’m just a regular guy asking questions. But isn’t it odd that he has never said that he didn’t rape and murder a young girl in 1990? Hey, I just want to know the truth.