Robert Reich: The Answer Isn’t Socialism; It’s Capitalism that Better Spreads the Benefits of the Productivity Revolution

Robert Reich: The Answer Isn’t Socialism; It’s Capitalism that Better Spreads the Benefits of the Productivity Revolution

France Dropping Concrete Bombs In Libya

France has begun using concrete filled training bombs to literally crush Gadhafi’s tanks without causing massive explosions that can harm nearby civilians.

Apparently, the 660-pound “training bombs” have not been pressed into combat due to a lack of explosive munitions, as was reported earlier this month.

From AFP:

Military spokesman Thierry Burkhard denied rumors the use of the 300-kilogram (660-pound) training devices was prompted by a shortage of real bombs. He said the first such strike crushed an armored vehicle April 26.

“The aim of this munition … is to use the effect of the impact while limiting the risk of collateral damage,” Burkhard said. “It is a very precise strike. There is no, or very little, shrapnel thrown out.”

From France Dropping Concrete Bombs In Libya

Good use of f=ma I guess.

France’s Integrating Muslims

The birthrate of Muslims in France is also converging on the mean. It’s been falling since the early-1980s and now stands at 2.5 versus 2.0 (interestingly the birthrate in the Maghreb is 1.8). In the next few decades France’s Muslim population will grow to be a larger minority, but nevertheless still a small one.

Increasingly Islamic traditions are being frenchified: weddings in mosques where the bride wears white, carries a bouquet and holds hands with the groom. One French academic calls this process formatage: the creation of a new sub-culture, both French and Islamic.

More here France’s Integrating Muslims

As the child of immigrants I find this totally expected.

Bill O’Reilly declares end to his France boycott

As the weblog News Hounds noted, on the May 7 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly declared that “The Factor is lifting the boycott of France” due to the recent election of conservative candidate Nicolas Sarkozy as France’s next president.

Media Matters

Well in that case, I’m calling off my boycott of Mars. Feel free to start buying Buggalo meat again.

french bashing

I’m getting a little sick of the French Bashing from the right wing. I’ve noticed the following two themes:

  • When the French do something in their national interest that somehow conflicts with our interests, they are betraying us.
  • When we do something that is in our national interest but conflicts with French interests, we are asserting our independence

If you point this out as a double standard, you somehow hate America.