Nader refers to Obama as Uncle Tom

During a radio interview on Election Day, independent candidate Ralph Nader said of Barack Obama, “His choice, basically, is whether he’s going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations.” From Nader refers to Obama as “Uncle Tom” – War Room – Great job Ralph.… Continue reading Nader refers to Obama as Uncle Tom

Palin doesn’t understand First Amendment

To put it succinctly: the press can’t violate Palin’s First Amendment rights. If the government were to criminalize her speech, that would be a violation. But what the press is doing in criticizing Palin is exercising the First Amendment. Palin doesn’t understand First Amendment – War Room – Ouch. That was painful.

I Apologize to the Public

Following is a transcript of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’€™s brief statement to the public, delivered at his Midtown Manhattan office on Monday afternoon: Over the past nine years, eight as attorney general and one as governor, I’€™ve tried to uphold a vision of progressive politics that would rebuild New York and create opportunity for all. We… Continue reading I Apologize to the Public

China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation

In one of history’s more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. According to a statement issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, the law, which goes into effect next month and strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate, is “an important… Continue reading China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation


In the 1980s, the Reagan administration sold fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, sparking a considerable controversy about Israel and a regional arms build-up. In 2007, just as we’re learning about the aid Saudi Arabia is giving to Sunni militias in Iraq, the Bush administration is planning a large arms deal with the president’s long-time allies.… Continue reading blowback

Lieberman Backs Limited U.S. Attacks on Iran

“I think we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq,” Mr. Lieberman said in an interview on the CBS News program “Face the Nation.” This could be achieved mostly with air attacks, Mr. Lieberman said, adding, “I’m not talking about a massive… Continue reading Lieberman Backs Limited U.S. Attacks on Iran