The Triumph Of Romneycare

the healthcare exchanges set up for those shut out of the employer system have seen premiums decline 40 percent, even as all premiums have risen 14 percent nationwide. The power of the market. If the GOP were a serious governing party, they would focus on strengthening those exchanges in the federal bill, and working to break the employer-based healthcare system.

From Andrew Sullivan

I’m still perplexed how otherwise sane people can look at a market based system with private insurance companies, private sector doctors and hospitals and declare it socialism. 

What is a family? Chart Of The Day

From Pew:

Catherine Rampell hopes that “Pew continues to ask this particular question in the future”:

It’ll be interesting to see how the evolving definitions of such social terms affect how Americans think about the social safety net and related economy policies.

The whole report, which takes a look at the state of marriage and family life, is well worth a read.

From Chart Of The Day

What is a family?

Andrew Sullivan on Sen. Clinton’s “cootie vibes”

Time blogger Andrew Sullivan said “when I see [Clinton] … all the cootie vibes sort of resurrect themselves.” Sullivan added that he considered Clinton a “very sensible senator,” stated that it was “hard to disagree with her on the war,” and admitted that he “actually [found] her positions appealing in many ways.” Nevertheless, he concluded: “I just can’t stand her. I’m sorry about that.”

Media Matters

I only hope that Mr. Sullivan can resist the urge to pull her pigtails and dangle a dead bug in her face.

Christianism Watch

Check out “Jesus Camp,” a place where children are taught to venerate the Great Leader, George W. Bush, to speak in tongues, and adhere to the rigid politics of Christianism.

From Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish: Christianism Watch

Jesus Camp. What really bothers me about this that it appears to have nothing to do with Christian Theology and everything to do with Christian Identity. I imagine that a Jesus Camp would be where the kids learn about doing good works and the joy of leading virtous lives; not a place that teaches kids to be Warriors for God. Jesus Camp looks more like this than that.