Al Qaeda spokesman urges terrorists to buy lots of guns at gun shows

America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms. You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?

From Al Qaeda spokesman urges terrorists to buy lots of guns at gun shows

While lots of people are going to attack the NRA about this story, I think that’s the wrong take away. If only the ACLU were as strong at defending the other parts of the bill or rights as the NRA is at defending the 2nd amendment. In such a world, any politician proposing invasive screening, gag orders or limiting access to courts would face the same resistance as politician wanting to make it slightly harder for our enemies to turn our guns against us.

The Al Qaeda Reader

These are not real grievances for al-Qaida (it does not bear mentioning that Bin Laden is probably not very concerned with campaign finance reform). They are a means of weaving local and global resentments into a single anti-American narrative, the overarching aim of which is to form a collective identity across borders and nationalities, and to convince the world that it is locked in a cosmic contest between the forces of Truth and Falsehood, Belief and Unbelief, Good and Evil, Us and Them.

From The Al Qaeda Reader. – By Reza Aslan – Slate Magazine

This is a must read article on Al Qaeda. I will continue to follow Reza Aslan’s writing on the subject as it provides a well written counter weight to Slate’s bombastic Mr Hitchens.


In the 1980s, the Reagan administration sold fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, sparking a considerable controversy about Israel and a regional arms build-up.

In 2007, just as we’re learning about the aid Saudi Arabia is giving to Sunni militias in Iraq, the Bush administration is planning a large arms deal with the president’s long-time allies.

Talking Points Memo

The House o Saud is an unpopular regime surrounded by instability and growing anti-western and anti-american sentiment. So, what could possibly go wrong? Has everyone forgotten how the weapons we sold to the Afghan Mujahideen in the 80s were latter turned on us? Or how the arms we sold Iran in the 70s were turned on us? How short sighted can our foreign policy become?

Jihad Etiquette

This jihad etiquette is not written down, and for good reason. It varies as much in interpretation and practice as extremist groups vary in their goals. But the rules have some general themes that underlie actions ranging from the recent rash of suicide bombings in Algeria and Somalia, to the surge in beheadings and bombings by separatist Muslims in Thailand.

Terrorism – Jihad Etiquette – Islam – Militants – Middle East – Iraq – Jordan – Lebanon – New York Times

Interesting yet disturbing story on the rules of Jihad. This is a wonderful example of how the letter of the law can be used to circumvent the spirit of the law as Jihadists turn prohibitions on violence against civilians into permission.

sophisticated equipment

The militant group, Fatah al Islam, which is thought to have links to Al Qaeda, fired antiaircraft guns and mortars and had night vision goggles and other sophisticated equipment. The Lebanese Army does not have such gear.


Lebanese Army and Islamists Battle for 2nd Day – New York Times

This is a really disturbing development. With insurgents using GPS to aid in targeting and terrorists using night vision goggles; the US Military is starting to lose its greatest advantage in the GWOT; high-tech weaponry and training.

Rudy on the Dems

Look, it’s real simple what happened. These people came here and killed us because of our freedom of religion, because of our freedom for women, because they hate us…If you’re confused about this, I think you put our country in much greater jeopardy.



Rudy is an idiot. Anyone who has read Bin Laden’s declaration of war can see that either Rudy thinks he knows more about bin Laden’s motivations than bin Laden himself; or hasn’t read the actual declaration or war. My money is the later.

Qaeda Is Seen as Restoring Leadership

American, European and Pakistani authorities have for months been piecing together a picture of the new leadership, based in part on evidence-gathering during terrorism investigations in the past two years. Particularly important have been interrogations of suspects and material evidence connected to a plot British and American investigators said they averted last summer to destroy multiple commercial airliners after takeoff from London.

From NYT

This should be a much bigger story. While we have been pouring blood and treasure into the Iraqi sand, Al Qaeda has been rebuilding. And nothing, not even a miraculous victory in Iraq is going to change that fact.